When you are too tired at work and nothing is going right, it may be apparent that you do not enjoy what you are doing. This is a perfect time to think about switching jobs. Switching jobs may need you to get prepared and have a broader mindset and get some sort of assurance that things will turn out to be good. To convince yourself to switch jobs would need you to start saving for the future and getting yourself prepared for the great transition.

Few steps to follow when switching jobs are as follows:

1) Decide what do you enjoy doing the most

Self-analysis takes a lot of time and effort. You may know about everybody else but if you want to know about yourself, make a list of all the things that you know how to do and you enjoy the most. Take help from the internet. Search for all possible job titles that offer what you enjoy. Make a decision and remain firm on it.

2) Edit your resume for the new job title

Dig down that age-old resume of yours and add some relevant experience to it, if it related to the job title you want to apply. Check all those rewards and certificates you must have received that are relevant to your new profile. Get some recommendations on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to get recognized. Check and update all your social media profiles with relevant information related to the new job title you want to apply.

3) Look for the companies that offer the opportunities

Check on the internet for the companies that offer such positions. Google about it and try to find the best that matches your idea of switching job. Get in touch with their company people on social media. Check how the environment over there is. Keep in touch with them on a professional ground. Ask them about the vacant positions from time to time. Check with them what it takes for you to get there.

4) What does it take to get that?

Once you have a fair idea of where exactly you want to go and choose the companies as well, teach yourself and groom yourself with hard and soft skills. Skills like public speaking, conflict resolution and people management are essential to work in a team. Get some core hard skills like programming, culinary course, nursing and medication, etc.

5) Go for courses that increase your competence

Learn everything that takes you to get that title. Learn from the internet or online courses. Learn from YouTube. Learn from reading books. Learn from friends and community groups, library groups and study groups. Get that certificate course online or in-classroom training. It may or may not cost you. If you are low on budget, go for open courses from different universities online. Assess your skills by taking tests from time to time. These test would make you understand your interests even more.

6) Re-edit with course information updated on your resume

Once the course is done, it is now the time to edit your resume again with the information about the course you took. It may include a certificate or it may not but in the end, it will add enormous credibility on your resume.

7) Apply for the job title

Particularly apply at positions and companies that you have researched and got in touch with their people. Check for the environment and pay-scale on Glassdoor. Apply through the company websites directly. Mark your calendar with the dates when they will announce the shortlisted profiles. Keep checking back the same page to know if you have been shortlisted for the interview call.

8) Prepare for the interview by a recap of course

Start getting yourself prepared for the interview with the recap of the course. Go through the material once again and take a test again to check on your understanding. Ask your friends to role-play the employer to boost your confidence.

9) Crack the interview with confidence

Check the pay scale for the job title before appearing for the interview. As you are new, ask for a reasonable salary package. As you have taken a course for the same profile, you are better prepared than your counterparts. If in case you have not taken up the course, being prepared would give you an edge over your nerves to enter into a new industry. Your body language and attire would matter a lot in the long run. Check style guides in the store who recommend the best work outfits according to the profile you applied. Let’s say for the journalist, for photographers, there are different work outfits. If nothing helps you, go for modest formal attire that you find yourself comfortable. You must get yourself prepared to gain that confidence and attitude. Once you have it, you are sure 100% to crack the interview and grab the dream job.

10) Enjoy your new work

Your journey begins as you land yourself into the job. First of all, remember being comfortable in being uncomfortable. At first, when you are trying to know the things, you might get uncomfortable. Do not hesitate to ask questions when you do not understand anything. You may have to Google about lots of practical things on duty.

11) Get yourself familiar with your new team

Become friends with people around you who can guide you through. This will make your journey a lot smoother than you felt.

12) Bravo! You have made it through.

There is a thin line between success and failure. Success is relative. So when you are happy, spread your happiness. When you are not, find out why and try to fix it. You can get lucky once then what you do to remain lucky is what matters the most. Good luck for your amazing journey of switching profiles.

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